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Sunflowers are a brides favorite choice

Sunflowers are a popular and beautiful flower for summer and rustic weddings. Lots of ideas and resources feature here to ensure you have a modern, romantic, brilliantly warm yellow sunflower theme. 

Bridal Bouquet Sunflowers

Sunflowers and Baby's Breath make a lovely simple, yet vibrant bridal bouquet.

Tie stems with rustic lace, twine or burlap ribbon.

Summer Wedding Theme Ideas Leading to Beautiful Sunflowers

By Tiffany Cole

Adventure Awaits Rustic Sunflowers Bridal Shower InvitationA unique and quite beautiful flower is the sunflower; it's many people's favorite flower. If it's yours here are some summer wedding theme ideas for a sunflower wedding; use them or let them help you to come up with your own ideas.

Rustic Sunflower Adventure Awaits Bridal Shower


When picking your location, the sunflower theme would be at home in a church, a lovely yard or garden, and even the beach would show off these bright colors most beautifully. Bottom line, they can be used in just about any location.

Sunflower Invitations

Rustic Sunflowers MonogramThere are numerous sunflower wedding invitation styles available; you need only to look online to find them. You can even download sunflower images if you want and use them in doing your own wedding invitations.

A sunflower color theme should be bright and bursting with vim and vigor. The dominant color warm and sunny and perhaps throw in a bit of red or brown or green.

Rustic wood and burlap with lace are great backdrops for a sunflower themed wedding invitation and partyware.

Sunflower Aisle Decorations

Keeping in line with the theme, the wedding flowers for the aisle can be vases of sunflowers. And, not necessarily the yellow flowers as sunflowers come is many shades.

There's a creamy white, a brilliant orange, a peach, and even deep burgundy. Other flowers to mix them with would be Gerber daisies, yellow mums, and chocolate cosmos to name a few.

Have the flower girl scatter very small sunflowers or the petals from larger sunflowers on the aisle you'll walk down. The ring bearer would look terrific with a small sunflower in his lapel and carrying the rings on a sunflower bedecked wedding ring pillow.

Sunflower Reception Decor

Your reception decorations should continue with the classic and elegant look of your sunflowers in large vases as wedding centerpieces.

For a more casual wedding centerpiece, a few sunflowers in an attractive vase surrounded by small votive candles is just the thing you need.

Yet another idea is to cut the stems from the flower and float the blooms in a shallow bowl.

Monogrammed Sunflower DecorMake sure that the guest book, where people sign and leave messages for you, continues your sunflower theme either with yellow or sunflower imprinted paper or surrounded by beautiful blossoms. Your tablecloths might be white with yellow napkins and runner and you can tie a yellow ribbon around each guest chair to welcome them to their seats.

Here's a great idea for place cards... At a craft or fabric store find sunflower buttons. Then, get white place cards and glue a button onto the each card and write the guest's name on the card and put it at the place you wish them to sit.

Wedding Favors

For your wedding favors you might use:

Rustic Sunflowers Wood Barn Country Farmhouse Favor Box
1. A small pot with packets of sunflower seeds placed in them.
2. A sunflower shaped nightlight.
3. A sunflower magnet.
4. Fill small favor buckets with salted or chocolate covered sunflower seeds, cover it with yellow tulle and tie it with ribbon.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake you choose should reflect the theme and, one of the great things about sunflower themes is that it can be elegant and gorgeous if that is your theme or casual, bright and perky if that suits your day better.

Wander through the beautiful sunflower wedding cake photos that you can find on the internet and go from there.

You might even prefer the trendy cupcake wedding cake and a sunflower cake topper is a cheery way to welcome your guests to have a bite of cake.

Sunflower Symbolism

Sunflowers signify pure thoughts and it symbolizes adoration and dedication. It is symbolic of dedicated love so what's a more perfect flower at the dawn of your new life than these sunflower summer wedding theme ideas; they will launch you onto your future of joyous bliss.

For more about weddings and Summer Wedding Theme Ideas check out Tiffany's blog. Tiffany Cole has a huge passion for weddings and in particular likes to come up with creative ideas to create dream weddings without breaking the bank. If you'd like to see more of Tiffany's ideas, tips and tricks then you can go to her blog at http://InexpensiveWeddingIdeasGuide.com.

What Can Sunflowers Do For Today And Future Societies?

By Diane Kaczorowski

Much to the delight of wild life, wild birds and we humans, sunflowers are starting to gleam our backyards and fields. Why such an attraction to these flowers? As an individual flower they are gangly, lanky and not really attractive. Nothing special, that's for sure.

A patch or field of sunflowers makes an awesome sight and a brilliant statement. One can't help but smile while gazing over a field of sunflowers with their huge yellow flowers bobbing in the breeze.

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are native American annual plants. There is evidence sunflowers were first domesticated in Mexico and brought to Europe by the Spanish. The sunflower's resemblance of the sun prompted the Aztec and Otomi civilizations of Mexico, as well as the Incas of South America, to use the sunflower as a symbol for their solar deity.

Medicine men of several cultures chewed the dried or fresh root of the plant before sucking the venom out of a snake bite. They then applied a poultice of sunflower to the bite site. The plant's petals made paint and dyes. Sometime in the 1800's the Russian Orthodox Community made sunflower oil popular because of its acceptable usage during Lent.

All parts of the sunflower can be used. To fully appreciate the plant let's dissect its features. The flower head or flower as most people refer to it as, is really made up of many individual flowers which yield seeds. Due to the flower head resembling the sun the outer petals are called ray florets. These are sterile petals and come in various shades or hues of yellow, orange and red.

The individual flowers inside the circle are known as disc florets and yield seeds. In 1979 H.Vogel discovered the sunflower 's petals had a specific number of spirals and pattern. The sunflower's seeds are technically the fruit of the plant but for this article's purposes we will refer to them as seeds.

Many products are produced from the seeds. Oil is extracted from them for cooking and biodiesel with the leftover cake going to livestock feed. The seed meats are used in food products for breads, cakes, snacking food and flavoring.

The sunflower's heart shape leaves have a coarse saw-toothed edge. They are single band and alternate on the stem. The leaves are used for cattle feed. The stem or stalk cortex and pith contains a fiber which is extracted to make paper. The latex in the stalk is now being researched as an alternative crop for non allergenic rubber.

The root of the sunflower is considered a dicot. The taproot develops from the seed expanding into primary and secondary tissues. These tissues then develop into roots that specifically determines the plants length (primary) and girth (secondary). These tissues are vital to the plant's growth and strength. The root in past cultures was used for medicinal purposes. Sunflower root is still used in some modern medications.

One of the main benefits of the sunflower's root is its ability to neutralize toxins in the ground. It has been known to extract lead, arsenic and uranium from contaminated soils. Both the Russians and Japanese planted sunflowers after their nuclear disasters. It was found through rhizofiltration the sunflower was able to neutralize the radionuclides caesium-137, stronkum-90 and other harmful bacteria from water and soil.

Sunflowers not only attract our attention for their beauty and their bounty of seeds but they've contributed to many cultures throughout the centuries. From the seeds yielding oils for cooking, fuel, flour, bird and livestock food to the roots used in toxin removal, the sunflower has proven its worthy of our respect and admiration.

As you can see sunflowers are quite beneficial. Plant a few sunflowers to brighten the garden and rid the lawn of fertilizer toxins. The high oil content of the seeds provide a good food source for wild birds and wildlife. Be sure to plant sunflowers away from the house for the fallen seeds may attract some unwanted wild life. Check your local pest or invasive weed list to be sure sunflowers can be planted. If you can plant sunflowers please do; this way, even on a rainy day you'll still see the sun.

Article Source: What Can Sunflowers Do For Today And Future Societies?

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