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POLL - How important is perfection on your wedding day?

We all have our own unique ideas about what we want for our weddings, not least for the wedding invitations. Sometimes we find exactly what we are looking for 100% but what if, it's just lacking that small something that you really wanted included in the design. What do you do?

  • Do you keep looking for the 100% perfect wedding invitation?
  • Do you see if you can request an edit of the 99% perfect one?
  • If you can have an edit are you happy to pay extra for it or do you believe as it's a small 'tweak' it should be included in the original price of the invitation?

What would you do?

I asked brides and grooms-to-be via my Facebook Wedding Group, what they'd do and here are the POLL results.

When approaching a wedding invitation designer/company if the invitaton has 99% of what you want would you order it, request a change if possible to do so, go somewhere else till you got your 100% and would you be happy to pay for the extra 1%.

NOTE: Time allowing and within reason (until I advise otherwise) I undertake FREE custom edits of my own products so if you see something that is only 99% perfect, do not be afraid to message me (I try to reply inside 24hrs) with your request. This applies to ALL my products not just wedding invitations.

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Invitation Price Comparison Table

Invitation Price Comparison Table
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