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Bottle it! DIY Wedding Table Decorations on a shoestring budget

You can make your wedding reception tables pop with color and glamor without breaking the bank with these low budget wedding table decoration ideas. Which is your favorite?

Perfume Bottles

 glass table decorations

This is my favorite possibly because old perfume bottles remind me of my Grandma.

For a classy elegant twist, you simply group vintage glass perfume bottles together varying them by shape, size and color. This will create a light catching, striking and unusual display.

They are perfect for Moroccon, Arabian themed weddings. Vintage perfume bottles can often be found in charity / thrift shtores and via carboot sales. You can also find newer reproductions (image above) fairly inexpensively via online stores such as Amazon. 

Fill the perfume bottles with colored liquid, sand, flowers or flower petals to create a more unique stylized table decoration.

Cherry Blossom Twigs

Single stem flowers ensure great savings on floral table decorations.

A simple spray of cherry blossom twig stood inside a glass bottle partially filled with sand makes a subtle rustic wedding table decoration. Ideal for weddings with a pink rustic wood theme. As shown above you can also lay the cherry blossom twigs down the centre line of the table as a divider, garland type thing.

The sand rather than water gives the bottle added weight and stability. Use colored sand to match your wedding colors.

Ten Green Bottles Standing On A Wall ...

Look how fresh these green and white blooms look in these heavy green glass bottles decorated simply with a thick twine. You can also add burlap ribbon and lace to compliment a rustic wedding theme. You can personalize further with custom gift tags or stickers. Uniformity is the key to this look.

Shabbychic it with Decoupage

 decoupage decorated bottles

These painted decorated bottles look fantastic and you can make them yourself! Take any bottle and paste layers of thin gift wrap torn into pieces onto the bottle until it is completely covered and finish with a seal of PVA glue or a water resistant varnish. As shown above this technique will result in lovely vintage decoupage wedding table decorations perfect for a shabbychic, tea party themed wedding.

Chalky DIY For Creative Signage

Painting old or new and used bottles with chalkboard paint and then writing on them with a 'chalk pen' is perfect for a unique twist to a rustic wedding table decoration. You can add names of bride and groom, table numbers or guest names as desired for a really unusual twist and they save on extra signage and table cards!

Simple Elegance

Vary the color of the glass bottles and add single stems for a simple, elegant yet modern wedding table decoration. 

Best for the Beach

These blue bottles with white flowers and pearls look stunning and will make an excellent table decoration for beach, ocean themed weddings.

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