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Bridal Shower Game Ideas 2019 2020

Have fun with these chic bridal shower games - our top picks

Trifold five in 1 Game Set

These trifold game sheets are so elegant and with five games on each sheet you only need to pass them around once.

The five games included are:
  • Famous Couples
  • Heavy or Light Purse
  • Who's Your Mate? -
  • Wedding Word Unscramble
  • How Well Does The Bride Know Her Man?
So much fun, get the party started!

Bridal Shower Advice Cards Game

We love giving advice don't we ladies? :) Your guests will love this fun way of handing over their pearls of wisdom on these attractive advice cards. Best advice wins this games - imagine how competitive your girlfriends will be playing this! You should get some great advice.

Bingo Games for your Bridal Shower

This bingo game has a wedding theme and is so attractive with the modern bingo cards.

Who doesn't love Bingo and this game is perfect for guests of all ages.

Even your flower girls (if they attend) can join in.


Bridal Shower Guess Who Game

I love this trendy moustache and kissy lips themed guess who game. Guests have to guess whether the bride or groom is responsible for the items listed on the cards.

Winners are those with the most correct answers. This is a great way to see who knows you both best!


Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Dress Game

Any game that allows me to be a big kid is a winner with me and I loved those party games where two teams would race to dress up a volunteer in toilet paper. With this fun bride and groom themed toilet paper you can dress your 'brides' head to toe in loo roll, mummy style! So much fun.

Two teams and the fastest team wins. Another way to play the game is 'create a dress' for the bride using this toilet paper. Best dress wins - only thing left to do now is select your judging panel!

Bridal Shower conversation starters

Never be stuck for words at a party again with these fun bridal party conversation starter cards. I love the candy pink packaging so cute. Some of the topics included in the set are:
  • What was your strangest date ever?
  • Would you rather men ogle you or not look at you at all?
  • What was the worst hairstyle you ever had?
  • If you had to gain 10 pounds, what would you eat to gain the weight?

Scratch Card Bridal shower game

Personalize these fun scratch cards for some bridal party high jinks.

Pink and Gold Glitter look cards. Scratch and win!

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