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Wedding Gift Ideas - Personalized

10 Tips for buying wonderful Wedding Keepsake Gifts

1. Check with the bride and groom-to-be if they have a wedding gift registry

If they do not, they will most likely indicate what sort of items they want or do not want. If they don't offer the information , ask them. When it comes to weddings, surprise gifts aren't required. Wedding couples are usually setting up a home and so they will appreciate something fitting for that new home and I am sure they don't want three toasters!

If you do not want to buy from the gift registry then the next set of tips apply.


If you know the wedding couple well you may be aware of a shared interest or hobby of theirs. Look at gift ideas that would compliment that shared interest, facilitate it and so on. For example if they both enjoy gardening, you could buy them a gardening themed gift basket which would have seeds, planters and a gardening guide etc.

3. Gift Cards make a great generic wedding gift idea

If you do not know the bride and groom well a gift card for a well-known home-style store in their area would be a welcome gift. Choose an amount within your budget. 

4. Cash gifts are acceptable as wedding couple gifts

Many cultures will only give cash as a wedding gift. Cash in an envelope nicely written with a card is a gift any newly married couple will appreciate. If the card is personalized this can make the gift of cash more personal. You will find many personalized wedding card ideas below.

5. Be realistic about your wedding gift budget 

Attending a wedding can be an expensive affair given you may need new outfits, overnight accommodation, travel fair and so on. All of this may place a burden on your wedding gift budget. I personally don't believe in there being a minimum spend re any type of gift. Spend what you can afford and think is reasonable. There are many excellent gifts (you'll see some below) that will suit even the smallest budget. 

6. Personalized Wedding Gifts

Personalized gifts that you can customize online when you order are now easily obtainable and they won't break the bank in cost. They act as commemorative wedding gifts and the bride and groom will treasure them as keepsakes. Page down for some trending personalized wedding gift ideas.

7. Small wedding gifts

Large gifts are generally reserved for close family who know the wedding couple want a particular something and it happens to be large!

If you're winging it, keep the size small enough to be stored away or displayed easily. 

8. Don't buy perishable wedding gifts

If you buy a gift of food, be aware it may be one of many such gifts and as such it may perish before it has the chance to be consumed.

There may also be a safe storage issue for the wedding couple. You can buy many wedding gift baskets that are NOT food themed. 

9. Ensure the wedding gift is suitable for the couple not just one or the other

I am adding this despite the fact it seems obvious as I have read elsewhere of someone who was buying a lovely wedding gift for the groom!

10. Make your wedding gift pop 

All celebration events gifts can 'stand out in the crowd' if they're beautifully gift wrapped. This doesn't have to be expensive as you can get crafty and create your own present bling. Have a look at some YouTube tutorials for gift wrapping ideas. There are a couple on this site! Featured here are a range of wedding gift idea by various trusted merchants. The descriptions shown are their own.

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