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Guarantee Wedding RSVP with Poems and Novel Reminders

Steel Blue RSVP Modern with Menu SelectionsThere are no guarantees in life but this is as good as it gets for helping your guests remember to RSVP by the deadline

I've been seeing a lot of Facebook posts by frustrated brides who have only received back a handful of RSVPs for their wedding by the time the deadline rolls around. They're now frantically chasing up invited guests via social media, email, text.

Magnetic save the dates and rsvp poems!

How does this happen?

More often it's the case that your invitation has been safely stored in a drawer, perhaps with other wedding invitations (they might be very popular!) with the wedding date itself noted on a calendar BUT NOT THE RSVP deadline date.

No offence is intended, they just forgot. And when you start reminding them, they can't reply right away because they now realise they need to make sure they are free on that day and can get there, afford the expense and so on. Resulting in yet more delays to your much needed rsvp reply.

Not all guests realise how important that RSVP deadline is, thinking to themselves, if they can make it they will be there on the day. They assume if they've been invited, they will be catered for. It needs to be communicated to guests on your rsvp details, that numbers must be confirmed to the venue and caterers ahead of time. There are various way to do this which you can see via the example magnetic save the dates and rsvps featured.

Note that rsvp's don't guarantee attendance but as some guests inevitably bring uninvited +1's and children you should find it balances out.

Anecdote: I invited a work colleague and her plus1 to my wedding and she asked if her three children could also attend. I generously said yes, catered and paid for them all to attend only for my work colleague (without notice) to attend on her own. So that was 4 rsvps that did not attend, however I had some 'randoms' show up from grooms work that made up the numbers. So don't worry too much about the potential chaos of who's coming and not. Go with the flow on your big day.


Save the Date Magnets
You can ensure your guests don't forget your deadline with a prominent magnetic (pop it on the fridge) save the date invitation and an equally prominent RSVP notification. Adding a humorous poem can help nudge them along! See below for rsvp poem suggestions.


These magnetic save the dates and rsvp reminders are available in various sizes and because they're magnetic card, the cost is no more than a regular non-magnetic card invitation.

What to do if guests still don't RSVP in time

1. A week BEFORE your rsvp deadline (not on or after the deadline)

REMIND your guests the deadline is approaching. You can do this via a Facebook post, emails (guarantees they see it), texts, phonecalls.

If you wait until the deadline, they will not be able to reply immediately because chances are they haven't worked out whether they can get the time off work, arrange childcare, manage costs and so on. They will need 'more time'.

When reminding them you can let them know that due to venue size and catering, if guests haven't replied by the deadline, it will be assumed they're declining and can't attend, which is very sad as you really want them there! But needs must.

2. If NO RSVP on the deadline

You can let people know the wedding details , numbers have been finalised and how sad you are that those who didn't rsvp have opted not to attend. In other words assume they're not coming. You might get a flurry or responses and how you handle those is up to you!

Wording samples and RSVP poems to get you through this tricky situation

This is my own (copyright LeahG):

"To our invited wedding guests

The venue is chasing and caterers are getting red

wanting numbers and payment so they can go ahead

making arrangements for all those who want to attend

Please RSVP by our deadline date (add here)

There can be no allowances for those who reply late

It's out of our hands

Thank you in advance for your timely RSVP"

Here's a RSVP poem as posted on a forum:

"I understand things are busy and I hope that you don't mind,

Me sending this short poem to hopefully remind

Our wedding is fast approaching as I'm sure you are aware,

To make our day extra special we would love to you there

No presents are needed, just a smiling face,

If you could let us know please, as there is no time to waste

Drop us a text or email or pop something in the post,

It's the wedding of the year, with us as the host!"

Another wedding forum suggestion

" A little reminder so you don't forget

a night of celebration you wont regret

A mark of the card,you know what to do

will help us figure out which table's for you."

You need balls to send this one!  forum

"I know you're not stupid 

I know you're not dumb 

So please don't you make me 

Pull out my gun 

The postage is paid

The address is written

Is there no time in your day

That you just might fit in 

Ten seconds or so 
To check yes or no 
My request is not crazy
So don't be so damn lazy"

I've seen other suggestions that if people's don't send back their wedding RSVP they should bring their own chair and a sandwich.

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