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Author - Nadine May

I am Nadine May a novelist but think in pictures. I Love the innovative design, graphics, art & crafts opportunities, especially creating personalized invitation cards for events like weddings at Zazzle.

I am a self-taught graphic designer and for the last 18 years specializing in book covers for Kima Global Publishers. Four years ago I discovered Zazzle and have been actively publishing my graphic art on many products.

I have three stores at Zazzle where I design for.

Just Kidding 

My 'Just kidding ' store name was a clothing label I owned during the early nineties. This store is all about my past and present artworks that I have started to redesign for the personalized stationery at Zazzle.

The themes for my wedding stationery show a great variety, from Succulents, Flowers, Steampunk, African Safari topics & modern graphic styles.
The Awakening

My 'Awakening' store was created in order to share images I designed for the articles on the topic of transformation, including the color-in projects that all belong to the science behind the Language of Light and many more posts on alternative topics that can be read from my blog: The End of Times.  I will soon begin designing wedding-stationary with this topic in mind.

My Kima Global Gift store includes the graphics work from my book design covers that I formatted for the Zazzle templates. Being the art director of Kima Global Publishers I am always looking for creative ways to explore print-on-demand. I'm not all that active here.
Happy browsing in this wedding forum for ideas, or visit me here:

Amazon Author page

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