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Friday, 15 March 2019

Real Life - Medieval Wedding Romance Tintagel

Re-live this romantic love story with author JaneR which climaxed with a medieval wedding at wonderful King Arthur Great Halls Tintagel Cornwall.

It was love at first sight

"I met my husband to be at an airport in California after working at a Music show. Unbeknown to me he had attended the same show. I remember driving to the airport thinking that even though I had just met hundreds of men over that weekend, not one caught my eye and that I would probably never find "the One" as I must just simply be too picky when it comes to men!!

It was pouring down with rain when I arrived at the airport and to top it all off our flight was delayed for four hours. I entered the waiting area, which was packed with my fellow flight passengers, when I noticed this dirty blond, long haired man sitting next to some round cases reading a book. The War of the Roses! I felt immediately drawn towards him, an internal instinct that told me "there you are".  He felt like someone I had known, someone I had a history with, someone I had loved before. I felt both silly and absolutely overwhelmed.

Medieval Wedding Invitations
With hardly any seats available I, like many others stranded, sat down on the floor close to where he was and started listening to my music. I had a few people approach me that had visited our stand at the show to chat about our product. Close enough to hear us,  I noticed his head coming up a couple of times listening in on my conversations.

After exchanging a few smiles with him I finally summoned enough courage to turn to him and ask what he had in his cases. He told me they were Drum symbols and that he had been working at the same show. This then led to us chatting until the hours simply seemed to fly by and our plane was finally ready to board and take us home.

Parting ways 

The flight was agonising, knowing he was sat in the back of the plane and not being able to continue talking to him. As we landed we bumped into each other again on our way to the baggage claim area, collected our baggage and continued towards the exit.

Now, in all my life I have never asked a man if he would like to go out for a drink, but with this man I did. I gave him my number and as my ride was not here yet, he said he would wait with me. I thanked him and he said that's not a problem as he still believed in chivalry. I remember looking into his eyes and thinking you will be the father of my mad is that!! Anyway, my lovely friend Patty arrived, I introduced them and we said goodbye. As we walked away, I turned back to look at him just as he turned to look at me and I said to Patty

"That's the man I am going to marry".

Fast forward a few years and we have now sold up and moved to England. He is a musician and had just signed with a band there. Come to find out we both had a passion for everything old and steeped in history, so England was a welcomed change.

He especially was very keen on King Arthur and the Arthurian Legend and called me Lady Jayne right from the beginning of our relationship (...or rather the continuation of something that happened before, in another time, another place.... as that is how we both felt about it).

The first time we visited Tintagel was absolutely magical. We both felt as if we had been here before, it felt familiar, a place we once had known and loved,  just as it felt when we first met.

We walked up to the King Arthur's Castle ruins and then visited the Parish Church of St Materiana , which stands on the cliffs between Trevena and Tintagel Castle. We both knew right away that this is where we would get married. 

It was fate

Our next stop were the King Arthur Great Halls .  Not knowing they existed at the time, we entered what we thought was a Souvenir shop. We soon started talking to the curator of this Souvenir shop as he on seeing my husband to be said " You look like King Arthur".  He went on to tell us all about this so called shop and the Great Halls and urged us to take a tour. We were led into a medieval looking room with grand pictures depicting the story of King Arthur. We were asked to sit down, the lights dimmed and a narrator began to tell the story of the Legend of King Arthur. At one point it was told that he received his sword, Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, who in this story was called Nineve.

As soon as I heard that name I knew that if I ever would have a daughter I would name her Nineve, the Lady of the Lake. I am pleased to say we were blessed with a beautiful daughter who now carries this beautiful name.

Anyway,  after we the narrator finished,  we took a tour of the Great Halls and were absolutely astonished to see what this ingenious man, Fredrick Thomas Classcock, had built and left for generations to see and marvel at.

Next we went to see the Camelot Castle Hotel, which simply put the icing on the (Wedding) cake. Everything we wanted was right here in this beautiful place called Tintagel.


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